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Buying a Crate Should Be Easy for All Dog Owners

There are many shapes and sizes of dog crates to choose from. What is more important than the shapes or sizes are the dog crate sizes.

While the dog’s breed and size is the main consideration when deciding on dog crate sizes, other factors should also be kept in mind. A dog crate may be used for house training or travelling. Regardless of the purpose it is always good to have a crate that has the right size. You will less likely succeed in house training your puppy if you use a crate that is too big that he can leave his excrement in a far side.

Meanwhile, you need not view your dog’s crate as a cage. A dog is likely to see this as his den. The need to have a private place such as a den is inherent in dogs. Having said that, it can be concluded that a crate can be the dog’s shelter. If this will be the main purpose of the crate, then when you choose dog crate sizes you need to the one that is very comfortable and safe for your furry friend.

What crate size is best for your dog. There are no exact rules for this. obviously it is the purpose of the crate and the needs of the dog that will weigh the heaviest.

If you are still feeling confused then start with taking the measurements of your dog and you can find many articles and guides online. Then after taking the measurements of your pet, you can also use the internet to find suggestions on the right crate. As a tip, the crate should be 2-4 inches taller than the dog’s head when he is in a standing position. By the way, the height of the erect ears is considered. The dog’s full length from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail is not the right measurement for choosing the width of the crate. It is just the length between the base of the tail and the tip of the dog’s nose that should be taken. Then add 2-4 inches to that width. Include a few more inches for a dog that has very thick hair. moreover you also need to take the measurement of the dog while he is in a sitting position. If ever it would be somehow impossible to take the measurements of the dog, the owner can ask the manufacturer of dog crates or the dog’s doctor for a recommendation.

The things stated above should make choosing dog crate sizes easier for pet owners. Take note that dogs have different needs and what work’s for your dog may not work for other dogs. Always take note of the function the crate will serve and the dog’s needs when choosing dog crate sizes.

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